Anonymous asked:

7,10,17,21,29,33,34 and 40 ;D

7. I think listing people has no sense at all cause I would do everything for every single one of my friends.

10. Yes I’ve been in love.

17. I love for what little is left of my family and my friends who always have my back!

21. Depends on the person I suppose :D Probably kiss if it’s my crush and hug if it’s someone who means something to me.

29. I got scammed once and lost almost 80€. -.-

33. The best day of my life was the day my grandpa and I finished building a little shed. I’ve spent all summer in it.

34. I can give good advice, I am good at sports, I lift a lot of weight for my age, I rarely to never fear an event in the near future, I can adapt to a lot of different situations… well I dont think I have any more :D

40. Yes I do believe in love. Love is the strongest bond you can share with a person followed by the bond you share with your family.

Anonymous asked:

1,2, 19, 26, 32 and 37:)

1. I have several scars on my back, on my shoulder, some on my hands one on my chest and a big one on my leg.

2. I’ve never harmed myself other than psychologically.

19. I wish I could have one more day with my Grandpa, so we could do everything I miss doing with him and I could say goodbye and hug him one last time.

26. The best thing that ever happened to me is probably defeating depression and realising what I can achieve and that I shouldn’t be afraid of failing, in fact that I shouldn’t be afraid of anything at all.

32. As for right now my favorite show is Teen Wolf followed by Arrow.

37. No I have never had a near death experience.